Happy Spring!

Spring ... one of the best seasons of the year.  A time when our minds turn to renewing and refreshing everything around us.  The days are brighter and longer and we want to throw open the curtains and let the sunshine in.  Go ahead!  Welcome Spring in all its glory! 

You can’t help but feel great, and this great feeling transcends to how you view the world and others around you.  Your awareness of your community is at an all time high.   As you go about your day you smile more and others smile back ... you walk lighter, quicker, easier ... with a spring in each step ...what a wonderful feeling ... it is Spring!

Spring signals a time of movement, growth, newness and opportunities.   Are you ready for Spring?  Are you ready to embrace something new?  Create a bright and welcoming centrepiece with freshly cut flowers.  Or pick up some of those beautiful tulips from your favourite garden store.   This is just a start ... the tulips in the garden are starting to pop... get ready!

Fall... Oh so Nice!

This warm fall weather is absolutely welcoming, and the colours of the trees are extra vibrant!   With the clocks falling back, and Halloween behind us, we are poised and looking forward to... dare I say it – Christmas...and it’s fast approaching!  Some of the stores are already bursting at the seams with all the offerings.

However, before we start ramping up, let’s take a look around the home and get a few things in order:

1. By now you should have had a licensed contractor checked the furnace and fireplace
2. Test and change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
3. Check to see if you need to do any weather stripping or caulking
4. Drain and disconnect water hose and shut off exterior pipes
5. Cover air conditioner
6. Organize the garage to accommodate anything you wish to store in there over the winter
7. Organize your snow clearing equipment
8. Clear all those fallen leaves from the lawn – this is also the time that you should be planting spring flower bulbs
9. Empty flower pots ... soil left in them over the winter will result in your pots cracking
10. Clean and store/cover deck and patio furniture

As I mentioned these are just a few ... hope you find them helpful.   Continue to enjoy these lovely fall days.

September ... A Time for Exciting Beginnings!

Dare we say it?  Shorter Days, CNE, August 31st, Labour Day Week-end, Back to School ... yes, summer is winding down.  There are however, some great days ahead, and the weather promises to be sunny and warm as September unfolds. 

Without a doubt, the real estate market is also poised to continue the heat wave we’ve seen this past summer.  The demand for homes continues to be strong while inventory remains low.  The average price of a home in the GTA was up 16% compared to same time last year mostly driven by more buyers than sellers.  While the builders are offering new homes, we find that their prices are very competitive with resale!

 If you’ve been waiting to get your house on the market, now is the time to do so.  I will help you to understand what is going on in the real estate market so that you can make the right decision.  Give me a call (647) 239-2273 or email dburgesshomes@gmail.com



July brings on those lazy, hazy days of summer!  The patio beckons; family gatherings are often; backyard BBQs are numerous.  A picnic in the park, a dip in the lake, summer concerts, food trucks, street food, summer movies... yes!  Summer in the GTA!  Love it all!

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not remind you that with all that abandonment for summer, you should take advantage of the good weather as it relates to your home.  Deck and fence may need to be stained and trims and rails may need painting. July is the perfect month for some of this, as you do want to maintain that curb appeal throughout the summer. 

While you are poised and ready to enjoy all that the summer offers, your home should also be ready... the market continues to be hot, hot, hot!  Give me a call – let’s talk - (647) 239-2273.  I will be happy to help you answer any questions you may have about your home! 


Sprucing Up Everything Around You!

The snow is all melted, the grass is getting greener every day, and the trees, shrubs and plants are showing signs of life!  I know that a lot of my friends are already itching to get into the garden.  If we can, why not! What a wonderful time to start thinking of sprucing up everything.

But we cannot forget about us! Toes are beginning to peep through those open toed pumps, and we are longing to get into the sling backs and sandals. I say go for it, but not before treating ourselves to a spa day!  So well worth it for mind, body and soul ... and of course feet!  And fellows, this is not just for the ladies ... you can have a spa day also!

Now ...let's  take a look around the home for those small maintenance projects that can be managed now before the weather gets us into patio mood.  You want to get the work done first so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather that’s about to unfold.  Sometimes it gets warm too quickly and we don’t get the chance to do the work... because those warm days are to be enjoyed!  Throw open the windows ...do they need some work?  How about those front steps?  I bet they too could use a face lift... whatever you want to do to your home, your local home and garden supply store is all stocked with what you need.  

Remember, It is important to keep everything in tip top condition. Should you have any questions about some of the things you need to do to get your home in shape, please give me a call. 


Donna Burgess
Sales Representative
Re/Max Performance Realty Inc., Brokerage
Cell: (647) 239-2273
Email: dburgesshomes@gmail.com

Your home ... and your Home Renovation!

Spring is definitely here! Everyone has started on the garden in one way or the other … and it is all starting to look very lovely!

When it comes to Real Estate, we are in the middle of the Spring home buying season, and the market is still red hot!  Are you thinking of buying or selling?  Do you need to renovate before you list?  Renovating is an effective way to increase the value of your home, especially if you are thinking of selling.    When considering any renovation project, there are three simple questions that you must ask – what type of renovation will return the best value for my dollar?  What will it cost me to renovate?  How will I source the required funds to renovate?

As your real estate listing agent, I will help you answer all these questions.  I will help you decide what you need to do to get the best value for your dollar, I will give you an idea of what it will cost and, most importantly, I will direct you to the resource that you need to manage your renovations.

Just give me a call or send me an email. 


Donna Burgess
Sales Representative
Re/Max Performance Realty Inc., Brokerage
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Email: dburgesshomes@gmail.com

April Diamond

Diamond is the birthstone for those born this month!  Is that to say people born in April are Diamonds!  Or is it that people who are born in this month love Diamonds!  I am quite sure that this precious gem is favoured by both sexes...so give, give, give and enjoy!

April is also the month when we stop hibernating and want to start cleaning up and brighten up everything around us.   Like those diamonds shining brightly, and with all the other exciting activities that await us - we want to make our homes bright and shiny.

In spite of the weather that we are currently experiencing (in Ontario), I know that we are all poised to refresh and add some sparkle back to our homes after the winter.  In the next week or so, we will begin by washing down the front door, the garage door and the garage!  This will certainly help to enhance our home’s curb appeal. Take an inventory of what else you need to do this month to get your homes ready for the brighter and warmer days ahead; yes, they are coming in spite of all the snow we got last night.   

Enjoy this beautiful month… everything is about to shine.  And … Happy Birthday April Babies!


Donna Burgess
Sales Representative
Re/Max Performance Realty Inc., Brokerage
Cell: (647) 239-2273
Email: dburgesshomes@gmail.com

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